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Our frequently asked questions section covers all aspects of questions and tips about Self Storage. Whether you need information on purchasing, managing or storing in your unit, all of the topics are covered below. If there’s something not covered, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About self storage

What is self storage?

Self storage is the renting of a storage room that can be used to hold possessions for personal or business use. The self storage rooms are filled by the tenants and can be accessed whenever necessary.

Why would I need self storage?

Self storage can be a great asset for a number of different applications. If renting for personal use, self storage units are typically used to store possessions to clear up space at home, during a renovation or move, or even as a place to continue with a hobby that has outgrown its space at home. Self storage units also benefit businesses users, from holding excess stock and archives, to long term furniture storage.

Is self storage secure?

Yes, all of our units are constructed from steel and are under lock and key. You and your nominated other are the only people with access. The facilities are also under CCTV during working hours and covered by 24 hour security out of working hours.


Do you have on site parking?

Yes, we have free dedicated on site parking, exclusively for our customers. The car park is off the road and large enough for all of our customers. If you are unloading, you will be shown where to park inside the unit.

Do any of the storage rooms come fitted with shelves?

No, we don’t outfit any of our storage rooms with storage as the needs for all of our customers is different. We want to make sure you maximise your space so we don’t fit these as standard. If you need advice on what size and type of racking would be suitable, see a member of the team on reception.

Are any on site toilets available?

Yes, we have on site toilets and a disabled toilet for the use of our customers. This will be pointed out to you during your initial visit and walk around.

Do you have trolleys to help move my things?

Yes, we have trolleys available that you can load up and use with our lift. These will be freely available in the unloading area and we encourage all of our customers to use them where they can.

Can you help me unload?

If you have any heavy or unusual loads, an expert member of the team will be on hand to help.

Payments and cancellations

How can I pay for Self Storage?

Payment are taken by credit or debit card and paid on arrival. No payments are taken through the website, it’s a reservation basis only. We don’t ask for any credit/debit details until you complete registration and sign up in our reception.

Is your website secure?

Yes, no payments are taken through our website and all account information is kept on secure WorldPay servers.

Do I have to pay every week?

No, payments are taken at monthly intervals, we will call you to either take your payment over the phone by credit/debit card or you can call into reception to make the payment, until the time comes where you decide to cancel or upgrade/downgrade your storage space.

Do you have any minimum rental terms?

The minimum rental term on any new storage is 2 weeks.

Do I have to pay VAT?

NO we do not charge VAT the price we quote is All that you pay.

How do I cancel?

Speak to a member of staff in reception about cancelling your self storage, or you can email us. It couldn’t be simpler.

Are there any charges for cancellation?

No, we don’t charge any cancellation fees, and we certainly don’t have any nasty hidden charges. All we ask is that you leave us 7 days’ notice before cancelling your storage, so we can put the necessary steps in place to make the transition as easy as possible.

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