The best way to store your clothes

Make the most of your self storage space

A clothes rail full of designer women's clothes

Hello shorts and T-shirt, goodbye long johns and bulky blankets!! With us having a few good days of sunshine a year you would be forgiven to flee the UK and chase the rays! But where will you put all those holiday items and clothing once you are done? Like sun screen on the beach here at Wigan Self Store we have got you covered.

We have a number of units that are the perfect length for a walk in wardrobe, but don’t let us do all the talking, we are lucky enough to have Richard from North West Vintage Clothing store his stock with us. If you would like to see or hear more from North West Vintage Clothing or see what has people talking they are located in the enterprise centre itself in unit 2.

With that in mind we think it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines to store your clothes. Here’s what you need to do to store them properly for the duration of your stay

1. Make sure they’re clean Before you store away Winter clothes, launder or dry clean them. Make sure everything is completely dry before packing it away.
2. Put down the iron As tempting as it might be, don’t iron clothes that are to be stored and keep them away from starch. Both can weaken the fibres and make them prone to tearing along the creases.
3. Get the right boxes You should store clothes in plastic rather than wood, paper or cardboard boxes. It’s waterproof and protects well. Cardboard and wood contain chemicals that can transfer on to clothes and damage them. If you use plastic boxes make sure they’re not completely airtight, as some clothes (such as wool and other natural fibres) need to breathe.
4. Keep cool Place the boxes or containers in a cool place that’s off the floor and away from damp, sunlight and any type of heat.
5. Watch out for special items Special items should be wrapped in tissue paper to help prevent creasing and provide more protection. You can buy tissue paper from Wigan self store reception from £1.88.
6. Thinking long term If you’re storing clothes for longer than one season, take them out once or twice a year and refold them along different lines to prevent stress or tears on the creases. This is also a good way to inspect for damage. We also offer one free month when 6 months is paid for in advance.We hope this little guideline has helped, for any more storage advice give one of the team a call on 01942 233 300.

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