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Guide to self storage

Here at Wigan Self Store, we want you to ensure you’re using your storage unit to its full potential, so we’ve put together a list of self storage tips and things you can do to maximise your storage space and its effectiveness.

Label, Label, Label: Although you know exactly what goes into each box, make sure you clearly identify what’s inside each one, because although you know what it contains now, there’s no saying whether or not you’ll remember in 6 months time. As well as this, always make sure the labels are on more than one side, and are facing the outside of your unit for easy spotting.

Heavy Stuff First: If you’re stacking and have boxes of different weights, always make sure you put the heaviest ones down first to minimise the risk of toppling or crushing the lighter boxes. Making sure you distribute the heavier items between boxes can help.

Ensure boxes are full: To stop stacked boxes from getting crushed and falling, ensure there is no empty space in the top of boxes by ensuring they’re full, or packing the empty space with bubble wrap or filler paper.

Wrap delicates: Taking the time to carefully wrap fragile items and glass can save you a lot of headache in the future, it protects your things when you’re moving boxes around and transporting them from your home or office, and the storage unit. Using old newspapers or bubble wrap are good ways to protect things, stuffing additional paper and wrapping between the gaps in the box will also stop things from rolling around.

Leave no space unfilled: If you’re storing furniture and wardrobes, filling these when in the unit will give you lots more storage space. Boxes and tools can easily be stacked within wardrobes. Turning sofas on their ends will also help to maximise space.

Make a list: To ensure you know where everything is, and you don’t turn your home upside down looking for something you thought wasn’t in your storage unit, always make a list of things you have in your storage unit and keep it safe. Lists are a good go-to should you need anything and can save a wasted journey if something isn’t where you thought it was.

What to bring on your first visit:
Permanent marker
Bubble wrap
Dust covers or shrink wrap

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